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Mads Mikkelsen by Tony Lundström for GALA Men

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Raúl Esparza being a dork (for mikksmadelsen)

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♥Top 10 Robert Carlyle Roles (As Voted by my Followers)
↳ 7. lachlan macaldonich  /// california solo

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Raúl Esparza in A Gifted Man

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500x500 Plenkov

i really like abel covered in blood
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Fangirl Challenge || [4/10] Actors ||  Alan Cumming

"I don’t go around in my life thinking, "Oh, my God, I’m going to have to have sex with a woman soon because I said I was bisexual!" … It’s like saying you’re straight or you’re gay — it’s just what you are, and whatever you’re doing in your life it runs obviously parallel, but it’s kind of secondary to how you are inside. That’s how I’ve always felt, and I still do, even though I’m very happily married to a really amazing man and wish to be so for the rest of my life."

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evolution of tennant: anti-smoking psa (1987) [watch]

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heateus meme: [1/2 minor characters] - Frederick Chilton

- Hannibal once served me tongue, and then made a joke about eating mine. It would be narrow to not at least consider it.

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